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Reasons to Register:

  • Dedicated Business Page
  • ​​Business Contact Information
  • ​Lead Generation Form
  • ​Promotional Section (Announcements)
  • ​Company Images & Video
  • ​Social Media Profiles
  • ​Collect Review Ratings
  • ​Store Front Decals (See)
  • ​Much More!

State of the Art Business Dashboard

  • ​Manage/Add Listings
  • ​Track Listings Views
  • Track Leads Generated (inbox included)
  • ​Manage Ad Campaigns
  • Contact Support
  • ​Much More

When We Boost Your Page

  • ​You get 30 Days of Paid Facebook Ads! (A $150 Value) This is how we ALERT LOCAL HEROES and let them know that your Business is up on The Hero Resource Center Platform! 
  • We will Promote your Business Profile Page to Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Military Personnel and First Responders Locally, Nationally and Worldwide! Simply tell us what areas you want us to Target!
  • ​Local Heroes in your Targeted Area will now know that you support them, have a Special Offer and are giving something back to the Men and Women that Serve(d).
  • Your Business Profile Page will be placed in Category for One (1) Year and it can easily be found when a search is performed on Our Platform!
  • Heroes and other Business Users will be able to see your Business Profile Page and Special Offers while searching on our Platform.
  • ​​Lastly, your Business Profile information will appear on The Hero Resource Center Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter Page for added visibility and exposure!
  • ​​This and much much more is included in our Annual Standard Plan for $349 Become a Hero Supporter today and let us Help You Reach the Hero Community!
  • Click Here for additional plans and plan information.

Increase your Reach with the power of Ads

  • ​Directory Page Ads
  • ​Listing Page Ads
  • ​Listing Search Ads
  • User Profile Ads
  • ​Hero Group Ads

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